Growth Track

Growth Track is a three-step process intended to equip you to live life as a fully devoted follower of Christ, from learning the essentials of our faith to discovering and fulfilling your God-given purpose.
The first two steps of Growth Track take place on consecutive Sundays at 11:30am, with a maximum commitment of one hour of content each week. Child care is provided, and lunch is also provided for the whole family before the teaching begins. The third step is completed as you decide whether to try a Dream Team and have a serve experience.  

Step 1 is about your personal journey of faith as well as what it means to be a member of United Church.
Step 2 allows you to discover and celebrate the unique gifts God has given you for a purpose.
Step 3 enables you to begin living out your purpose and making a difference by joining a Dream Team.

Growth Track 12/05/21 Growth Track 1/2/22