Choose Joy

5/31/2021 - 6/27/2021

Happiness and joy, believed by most to be synonymous... but little could be further from the truth. The book of Philippians was penned by a man who was, at the moment of its writing, suffering untold troubles and trials. Paul was confined in a Roman dungeon, beaten regularly, and chained to one of his guards, awaiting death for the unthinkable crime of receiving the good news of salvation through Christ, and the desire that all might know his amazing Savior. As he awaited his execution, he not only found purpose and meaning for the circumstances he was experiencing, he demonstrated incredible faithfulness, and did so with an attitude of unshakable joy!

In This Series

  1. 06/06/21: First Choice
  2. 06/13/21: Life-Changing Choice
  3. 06/20/21: Sacrificial Choice
  4. 06/27/21: Daily Choice