Dangerous Prayers

6/28/2021 - 7/25/2021

Do you ever wonder, "Why doesn't God answer my prayers?" Do you wish you could see the evidence that prayer changes lives? Do you long for more than playing it safe in your faith? Prayer moves the heart of God-- but some prayers move Him more than others. He wants more for us than a tepid faith and half-hearted routines at the dinner table. He's called you to a life of courage, not comfort. During the series, Pastors Ray and Tommy will show you how to pray the prayers that search your soul, break your habits, and send you to pursue the calling God has for you. But be warned: if you're fine with settling for what's easy, or you're OK with staying on the sidelines, this series isn't for you. You'll be challenged. You'll be tested. You'll be moved to take a long, hard look at your heart.

In This Series

  1. 07/04/21: Speak, Lord
  2. 07/11/21: Search Me
  3. 07/18/21: Stretch Me
  4. 07/25/21: Send Me